DASM stands for Disciplined Agile Scrum Master and it is the starting point in your journey of Disciplined Agile. DASM is an incredible combination of Scrum, Lean and Disciplined Agile. DASSM talks about implementing it not only for your teams but evangelizing for other teams, by networking with upper levels of management and other functional heads in the organization.

There is no pre-requisite for the DASSM workshop.

This is the starting point for anyone who wants to know about Agile.

All including teams and professionals other than software teams and professionals are welcome. You do not want only software / IT team to be agile, you want the entire organization to be Agile.

As explained in the previous question, there is no eligibility for DASM exam.

The duration of the exam is for 90 minutes, without any break. And the number of questions are 50.

The exam questions are 4 multiple choice questions.

You need to score 70% (i.e., 35 marks) out of 50 marks.

12PM provides extensive material such as Mind-Maps, our own Slidebook with detailed explained slides, Flash cards, Mock Tests, Exam Strategy handout, activity handouts among other things. Further, 12PM is known for Post Training Support.

12PM is known for its post training support. We do numerous activities such as Webinars and Closed group Interactive sessions. We also provide participants a direct access to our instructor for any queries.

You can go to the link to see dates. Click here

Upon completing the DASSM training, you’ll be provided with instructions for registering and taking the exam. A separate email comes from PMI to you.

 It is an online closed book multi-choice exam. 50 questions to be attempted in 90 min. 

There are 2 retakes available even if you fail the exam. And these are free of charge. And with every retake exam you get one month of preparation. 

Yes. You need to have a ATP or DA partner.

12PM is DA partner of PMI.

Yes. The exam cost is included in the DASM Training.